Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Under 200 – Buyer’s Guide

Came here to find the best paintball gun under $200? Well, you are in the right spot! The following read will educate you all related to buying a decent paintball gun under a fair amount, something that will break the back of your enemies but not your bank account!

The main issue with buying a paintball gun is the range of budget that it falls into, this kind of gun can range anywhere from $40 to $2000 or more depending on what type of gun are you planning on buying, the price is vaguely based on the quality of your gun but you can’t be extra careful because most of the times the most expensive ones come out with the most disappointing quality.

But you don’t have to worry about anything else when the best product reviewers are here, in this following read we are going to educate you all about paintball guns and how to buy the best ones in a decent amount of price range, let’s say $200?

Different people like to have a different kind of paintball guns depending on their characteristics, there are a lot of pieces available in the market but only choosing the best one would make you have that win on the battleground.

The Products we are going to look in to.

Down below, these following are the products that we will review ahead but before that, you need to have an initial view of what kind of products do we have in hand and only this way we will be able to move on to the depth of the products.

Now that you have precise information on what these products and their attributes really are, let’s move on to the more in-depth sides of these products.

1. AdozinBlitz 3

Our main focus should be on the design and the mechanics of the paintball gun when buying it. this product right here is the most rugged and lightest equipment you could find for the field.

But why should you have a product that’s lightweight and more rugged? You see, it’s very critical to have something that is easier to handle and will fit your hand space easily so that it doesn’t slip down when aiming.

It’s a more precise marker than the models that came before this one and that is because of the exciting new features that are accompanied by this piece.

This product has a sleek streamlined design, which means no more distracting hoses, pieces or, fittings. These pieces can get really annoying because they dig into your wrists and make aiming way harder for you and you eventually miss your shot.

It has a clean line that will help you focus on your target rather than fixing your line, this way you could make sure that your teammate has your back.

Apart from the shape, let’s move on to the construction of this gun, the blitz 3 is made to withstand all kinds of torture to it, the strong nylon build will make sure that no matter what happens on the field, it will come back better like the warrior you are.

Let’s talk about the feather regulator, paired with the lightweight of this gun, the feather regulator then makes sure that you get an easier time when setting up the gun, along with the feather regulator comes the screw-lock feedneck, what more can you ask in a paintball gun?

If you are still skeptical about this product then lets rush on to the pros and cons of buying it, which will clear the cloud for you.

  • it has an accurate aiming.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • Reasonable price.
  • High quality.
  • Fast shooter.
  • This gun could, in fact, be hard on the paintballs.

2. Wearable4you T4E. Paintball pistol.

Paintball pistols are the new approach in designing paintball guns, pistols are much easier to handle than any other gun because they are perfectly hand-sized, they have a great capacity to them and they are lightweight and compact.

But when talking about the dynamics and the inner features of the gun, they might be not as pleasing for some people when it comes to pistols but for a fact, some pistols are actually very good than proper big guns.

This piece right here is the exact replica of one of the most famous paintball pistols, Walther PPQ MT2, that gun is a realistic design for MilSim paintball games, they have a metal slide with a beautiful functioning blowback system, along with a Picatinny tactical rails that allow accessory attachment.

The whole package includes a hard shell pistol casing, a spare magazine spring and, a cleaning hose.

The pistol is made by metal and polymer, the barrel is a smoothbore, it has a CO2 power source, a semi-automatic action, and, 9 rounds of ammo capacity.

  • it has a decent Ammo capacity.
  • it comes with the basic accessories.
  •  it’s very lightweight.
  • easier to handle.
  • requires frequent reloading.
  • the frame is not durable as metal.

3. Mad dog AzodinKaos 2 silver paintball gun package

When buying a paintball gun, you don’t just have to buy the gun, you have to buy the whole package with the gun, for example, a fogged mask, and much more stuff but all of these accessories are very expensive and you end up spending much more than you expected.

You surely need a product that won’t break your bank and will provide you excellent service on the field, this product right here is going to deliver you everything that you need when it comes to quality and comfort in an affordable range.

Mad dog Azodin KAOS 2 has everything that you would need on the field, it comes with a sleek kit that includes all the important accessories such as AzodinKaos 2 paintball gun, mad dog 200 round gravity fed paintball loader, mad dog 20-ounce tank that is shipped empty to you, stealth and high-quality anti-fog paintball mask, a barrel squeegee, mad dog 4+1 deluxe padded paintball harness, and 4 standard paintball pods.

The best part about this paintball shooter gun is that it’s perfect for you if you are especially a beginner because the features that are present in this piece are absolutely perfect for a beginner, it has everything that you would need to make sure that you get that perfect performance including, a marker that gathers all the modern aesthetics, the marker has a proven reliability so you can be sure about the quality, the product is very lightweight and affordable.

Along with these many amazing features, the product has a 12” inch single piece barrel, it has a screw lock feed neck, a 45-degree gas thru grip, a stainless steel hose and, a new slimmed-down ASA.

Let’s talk about the quality of the accessories that are sent with this piece, you must be guessing that they will be low in quality keeping in mind that the price of the product is already quite low but let us surprise you, the paintball tank is made out of aluminum, the mask is made out of hard plastic to ensure the whole face protection, the mask also has a closed-cell foam, it has a quick-release lens system for easy replacement, it comes with an adjustable hand strap,

One of the best things that is much loved about the product is that because of all these amazing features, it’s lightweight and easy to handle. You have to go through 0 fuss operation, the reliability of this gun is proven several times on the field through the checking process.

  • it comes with a kit.
  • it’s easy to handle and lightweight.
  • it’s high in quality so it’s durable.
  • it’s affordable.
  • The balls get clogged in the barrel.

4. Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun.68 caliber training pistol paintball gun marker.

We all have our own version of the style and our own interpretation of it, some of us like to handle big guns while the others are happy to work with their pistols but if you are someone who wants to rock the field with some cowboy style then this product right here is just perfect for you.

This sleek grey in color paintball caliber training pistol is all that you need to turn up that notch when it comes to making a fashion statement at the field, the aesthetically pleasing body and the beautiful metallic cuts on it makes it look so real and worth the money.

But should these guns be bought just because they look so tempting and worth buying? We don’t think so, these pieces should be bought because they are high in quality so is this product worth it? Well, you can be the judge of that based on the features that we are going to discuss here.

This product has a sleek barrel, it shoots up to 68 caliber paintballs or even rubber balls depending on the game you are playing.

When buying a paintball gun, you have to keep in mind about the costs of the gun, you have to make sure that you are buying something in your range so that you can save up for the extras that are to be bought, this gun has a very economical power source and that is CO2 but the CO2 is not included in the pack.

It also offers a very quick response to the opponent and that is because of the quick response case CO2 chamber that is built with high-quality metal to make sure that you offer a quick reaction. The chamber also offers a quick installation process when refilling the balls or gas.

One of the most reliable features that also offers ease to the customers is that this product includes a Picatinny accessory mount for lights or lasers etc.

  • it has great energy and velocity.
  • you can double the power when in defense mode.
  • the instant change feature is a plus point.
  • it has great quality.
  • it’’s a little pricy.
  • You can’t replace or return the piece if defected.

5. Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver.50 caliber training pistol paintball marker.

The first thing that is noticed and checked when choosing a paintball gun is the fact that is it lightweight or not and that is because when you are in the battlefield, you need everything to work very smoothly or else you won’t be able to handle your gun if you won’t be able to handle your gun then how will you focus on beating the enemies and covering your teammates.

Making a lightweight gun is the actual struggle because of the fact that the gun should have so many features including a perfect chamber, a sleek barrel and much more and fitting all of this and keeping weight on point is a real struggle. But this piece by Umarex is a real beauty because of the fact that it is lightweight, easy to handle, and has all the qualities that are needed to make a perfect paintball gun.

The features are very sleek and modern and that is the best part of this gun, this gun shoots 50 caliber paintballs or rubber balls, depending on what game you are playing.

When talking about saving money, this piece is a real money saver because of the fact that the CO2 is very economical and this gun is powered by CO2 but the CO2 is not included in the package.

This following gun also includes a Picatinny accessory mounts for lights and lasers. This is also a point to appreciate because most low-quality guns don’t have that.

You might face a little difficultly when it comes to paintball magazines and their releasing but not with this product right here, you will be getting your reloading done in no time with this product because there are two paintball magazines which come along with this package.

Let’s move on the advantages and the disadvantages of buying this respective piece,

  • the handling of this gun is very easy.
  • the gun is lightweight and easy to use.
  • it has a loud and attractive sound.
  • easy to load and gives an accurate aim.
  • the barrel is stuck and gives a hard time in shooting.
  • this gun is not favorable for the long run.

6. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

Do you want a paintball gun that looks good and is brilliant when it comes to quality, well then we have exactly the right product for you, this Tactical Marker by Tippmann Cronus is something that you have forever wanted, it’s beautiful, looks like a gangster probably owned it and is amazing when it comes to quality.

This product works flawlessly when it is on and out of the field, so you can say that it’s pretty much an all-rounder because of the fact that it works so beautifully, it has everything you need to start off in an amazing competition or even just play at home with your kids or family.

When it comes to the price of this product then it’s quite reasonable as compared to the other products on the market that work exactly the same as this piece right here and that is something amazing because the quality compared to the price is something that makes you aware of the fact that it’s not a scam or something.

When buying a paintball gun you have to make sure that it will stay with you for the long run and that is because most of the times, these paintball guns do wear off leaving you just with a plastic or nylon body and we certainly won’t want that if you’re investing a hefty about of money in a gun so obviously you would want it to be perfect for the long run and this product is 100% perfect for that.

This is because of the perfect quality and workmanship that can be clearly seen on this device, the workmanship is just amazing, the material used, the components that are installed, everything is on point with this product but just not that folks the looks of this product are as breathtaking as the quality.

It comes in a jet black beautiful finishing on it, it looks really really and sleek and I’m sure that any person, irrespective of the gender or age would love to have this bad baby on hand.

Let’s look into the gun and by into we mean literally into the dynamics of this product, the muzzle velocity is on point with this gun, it has an adjustable buttstock and forward rail grip that gives the gun a really accurate feel and look overall. These features that we talked about are really very important when it comes to mastering the art of learning, learning to have a perfect aim, so we could say that this piece right here is perfect for the people who have just started with paintball and they want to learn more about it or maybe they want to excel in this game. One of the best parts about the product is the easy cleaning process.

One of the parts that is much appreciated by any other user is that the components used, the attachments that are used are all made of plastic and that is an amazing plus point because that offers durability to the product, plastic doesn’’t break or wears off easily, so that’s something great.

  • easy to handle.
  • easy to clean and maintain.
  • high quality parts.
  • reasonable pricing.
  • the aim of the gun is not very accurate.

7. Mad dog Tippmann Cronus Tactical silver paintball gun package

When buying any product, probably the first thing that crosses our mind is what the manufacturer has produced this product and honestly, that is surely the most important part to notice in any gun around.

This respective product that we are going to talk about here is a sleek design by Maddog, it’s great in quality it looks amazing and it has properties that any other paintball gun should have to survive for a really long time. We know you would be very curious to know all about what is in this gun, let us educate you all about it.

The best part, that we absolutely adore that this product has that its manufacturer has included the perfect package of everything with this product. It has everything that should be included in the whole package.

You see, there are a set of other important things that you need to have when you choose to play paintball, for example, a fogged mask, a cylinder, and some other accessories related to these things. But the main struggle is buying these things and staying in an accurate price range because they sure are expensive.

This mil-sim style body ensures 100% durability with an accuracy of not breaking early, we are sure that this paintball gun will stay by your side for a long period of time.

Now moving on to the in-bolt system that is fixed in this high-impact composite body, this product also has soft over molded rubber grips, which gives you relief about the gun, not slipping from your hand while you engage in a fierce battle.

The marker present on the gun can be easily modified to your need, making it the best customizable option, it also features four excellent Picatinny rails to attach the different accessories.

If you are a beginner level paintballer and you are looking for something that would really uplift your spirits when it comes to paintball then this friends is the perfect option for you and we have reasons for this claim.

This piece offers you a high-quality playing style without asking for any or low maintenance, you can rely on this product when it comes to strength and durability, the gun is really lightweight on your hands and also on your pockets, you can easily afford it.

If you are still just a little skeptical about the product then don’t worry, let’s move on to the advantages and disadvantages of buying this product, so you can decide with clarity,

  • this product offers a great grip.
  • the product is very accurate with aim.
  • it’s affordable.
  • the tank is a bit smaller.
  • the speed is a little disappointing if you are playing with professionals.

8. Tippmann 98 custom platinum series paintball gun

Simple, not too complicated and easy to use, these are some words that are just perfect to describe this piece that we have in hand right now, we speak of it this way because it has no hidden complications, it’s just a simple gun made for paintballing with some amazing features that we are going to talk about here.

This product has an all-aluminum die-cast receiver which makes it more reliable with quality, along comes a matte back finish that will make sure that your gun stays away from all kinds of scratches and body damage because you see when you are on the field you’re gun can really get damaged while the battle moves into more aggression. The matte finish will ensure that the gun stays like it was before.

A quick-release feeder elbow, now, you would be cleaning your gun every now and then after that game ends, that is the most important part if you want your gun to work smoothly all along, this quick release feeder elbow will make sure that your cleaning process hets faster and much easier.

This product comes with a more modifiable split receiver, this features increases the customizable part of your gun, you will have a wider hand when it comes to changing something that you don’t really appreciate of the product. You will face no hardship when you would want to change a component of fix any accessory of your desire.

ACT ( anti-chop technology ) not many guns have this feature but this one sure does, this anti-chop technology makes sure that your paintballs remain safe whenever they are delivered out, you won’t want chopped paintballs due to pressure. Along with this new ACT technology, this gun also uses a new improved technology that has a front and rear bolt working independently of each other, all this system working together ensures that the ball is shot in the exact velocity and speed.

This piece has all the secure front sight spring and trigger pins, this makes the marker easier, to services and to reassemble it. There is an easy to remove power tube design with an expert with a self-locking gas line secures the valve in the exact place and prevents any gas leaks. Along with all these features, you get full depth pockets for ASA, so you don’t have to loosen the ASA bolts.

The new barrel porting and a matte finish ensures that you get the best kind of finish on the gun, this reduces the reflective gear and makes your aim exactly to the point.

Let’s move on to the pros and cons to know more about this specific model,

  • high in quality.
  •  has plenty of amazing features
  •  it’s a new and improved design.
  •  it’s beautiful and affordable.
  • the sear pin is of no use.

9. Kingman Spyder MR6 paintball gun black

If you are someone who is looking for a really standard paintball gun that has some basic features by some really smart ones to get you through your game then this piece is just for you.

This sleek spyder MR6 paintball marker is a great choice for shooting accurately and on point, it has a DLS system, if you are wondering what is a DLS system, then we will tell you about it.

DLS system is a technology that is capable of shooting.68 caliber paintballs through any standard top in any kind of system what so ever.

The first thing that you would need in any paintball gun is this DLS system and that is because you need accurate shooting and fast response to your opponent’s attack. This DLS system would work in a 9 round magazine very effectively if you are a beginner and you don’t have the correct aiming, then you won’t have to worry a bit when you have this gun along with you.

Apart from the DLS feature, there are some other features that you would find quite amusing, it has a mil-sim style semi-auto maker with a dual loading system feeds from loader and magazine.

It has a 14” barrel with muzzle back with an AR-style collapsible stock, it also has a rubber wrap-around gripping technology, with a first strike ammo compatibility and an additional 9 round magazine which is included with the package.

If you are still skeptical about the product and want to know more about it, then let’s hop on to your pros and cons and clear the clouds.

  • higher capacity magazines.
  • it’s a great beginner gun.
  • DLS technology.
  • accurate aiming.
  • jams at the first strikes.
  • it’s a little pricy.

10. US ARMY project salvo paintball gun – Black

We all love a gun that looks sleek and exquisite because looks do matter when it comes to paintball guns because just slaying the enemy with paintballs shouldn’t be your target, slaying them with looks highly matter too.

This gun right here will too that for you but not only that, it has amazing features when it comes to the dynamics and the inner material of the gun.

This gun has an exciting new marker featuring a six-position collapsible and easy to maintain foldable stock. It also has Picatinny rails that are built-in so they won’t budge a bit, along with that it has an AR-15 style magazine that doubles as a handful toolkit.

These basic features help you to have a firm grip because the last thing you would want on the battlefield is your gun slipping from your hand.

This piece also includes an amazing feed system with a response trigger and a flatline barrel. Apart from this, it’s an officially licensed product with a die-cast receiver.

In conclusion, this is very simple and easy to use a gun with all the important components that are needed in the field.

  • the best professional gun, a straight upgrade in your collection.
  • it’s sturdy and reliable.
  • easy maintenance and handling.
  • it’s not something beginners can handle.

Lastly, it would be great to decide on what product will prove the best for your paintballing experience?

Well, the product ranges from what level of player you are on.

If you are a beginner with no experience on hand then we would suggest you buy Kingman Spyder MR6, this is because of the easy to use and maintain feature that it has, along with this the best part about this product is that if you have problem with aiming, this product will help you with that with the strong barrel power. It has a higher capacity magazine with DLS technology that would give your spirits uplift when you won’t miss a shot.

On the other hand, if you are an intermediate player that knows somewhat a little about the gun and how paintball works them we would suggest you buy something that is more manual, something with a CO2 gas chamber, this gives you the advantage to fire a more powerful shot with the correct aim, moreover, you will be able to handle this gun with ease because of your experience.

Let’s talk about our experts, you know what you are doing and you have knowledge about what goes down on the battleground, the product that we would suggest you pick is US ARMY project salvo. This product is perfect for experts in all aspects, the firing velocity, and the handling, magazine capacity, you would be thrilled to have this commodity in your hands.

No matter what gun you buy, your aim should be to enjoy your fullest. Whether it’s a professional field or something casual, your main focus should be on making the most out of the moment and this read above will help you through that by giving you the choice to pick from the finest.

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