6 Best Paintball Vests Reviews 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Paintball is has been amassing a large number of fans around the globe. You might have seen it in some TV show and wished to have one. If you don’t know what paintball is, don’t worry. I am here to guide you and tell you everything in detail about it.

To begin, Paintball is a battling activity that is performed outdoor among different groups. This wonderful activity is set up in a way that it looks like a real battlefield and the ammunition used during the activity is paintball.

Your dream of playing on the battlefield comes true!

If you are someone who has been dreaming of going to the battlefield and knocking down your rivals, this activity will surely help you. It gives you the ability to enjoy the thrills of real-life battle without any sort of danger. That’s cool. From attacking your enemies to setting a trap, you can plan everything to ensure the victory of your team over the opponents.

If we want to have maximum fun out of something, we must have all the necessary equipment, and so is the case with paintball. If you have the right tools and equipment such as tactical vests, masks, eye protection, and guns, etc., you will enjoy playing it with a whole new feeling. Out of all these types of equipment that are used, the tactical vest is something that plays a vital role in making your game a memorable one.

I hope you have a clear idea about how to choose a perfect paintball vest. Let’s move towards our list of six wonderful paintball vests one should consider.

List of 6 Best Paintball Vest to buy in 2024

1. Tippmann Pro
2. Tactical Paintball
3. Padded Airsoft⭐⭐⭐⭐
5. GXG Deluxe⭐⭐⭐⭐
6. Tippmann Padded⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Tippmann Pro Tactical Vest

Why Tippmann?

The reason why I put this amazing vest ball at number one is that there is no other paintball that can beat Tippmann pro. Let’s know some more out of it.

Technical Features

As we all know, in this game you always need a constant supply of accessories all the time. But you should also always keep a balance between the accessories and the load. If you are carrying accessories that have a lot of weight, it will not only result in the slow movement of your body but you will also feel tired after some time.

As I just said, paintball is a very robust game, you have to keep yourself active all the time. You can only keep yourself active and fast if you use lightweight and powerful accessories. And this vest has the ability to provide these wonderful services at a great extent.

It is not only easy to wear but also has fine quality material. Furthermore, Pro vest has excellent adjustable deep pockets where you can place your pod packs. You would be surprised to know that this vest is padded because most of the vests in this price range aren’t padded, thus providing high-level protection from everything that might hit you during battlefield.

Why you should buy it?

Do you always keep maps with you during your game?

If Yes, then you will be glad to know that this amazing vest has standard plastic pockets at the front that can be used for storing maps or any other tool. The pockets are not just like any other pockets, be it spray or harsh weather conditions, it always keeps your important things protected.The hydration space at the back is always there to store the hydration bladder that plays a vital role in your performance. Really? Yes, and that’s why I said it is one of the best.

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Easily fits everybody
  • Fine stitching
  • A lot of pockets for keeping important accessories
  • A little expensive

Bottom line

The reason why you should go for this sturdy paintball vest is that it gives you comfort and maximum performance. If you are worried about the bouncing of your vest when you are running, you should definitely buy this one as it never bounces. Moreover, all the pockets are finely stitched and provide long last durability. Although this vest is a little more expensive than the rest of the vests once you used, you will realize that it was worth the price.

2. Tactical Paintball GZ

Looking for another one?
Here you go with this wonderful GZ paintball which is famous for its quality and strength. Interested in knowing more? Let’s go!

Technical Features

With four separate pockets on the front and adjustable straps that are used for storing paintball accessories, this vest really stands out in performance. It uses protective flaps that are used to cover these four pouches. One of the best thing about this wonderful paintball vest is that it uses a double layer. How can a double layered vest help me?

Well, they can accommodate both ARTs and pistols mags each in separate partitions. These results increase in your fire point without acquiring additional space.Your accessories never bounce or fall off when you are running in the battle arena, it uses high-quality straps and flaps on its pouches that hold the mags and ARTs in order.

  • Features many pouches
  • Well-constructed and adjustable
  • The buckles are very secure
  • Uses a high-quality belt for adjustment
  • Most of the weight is at the front side of the vest.

Bottom Line

With it’s easy to adjust the size; you can wear it even if you have a larger body size. Furthermore, it uses straps and a belt to make it easier for people with larger body sizes. One of the biggest problems most of the vests come with is the quality of clasps. Sometimes the vest is wonderful in its performance but uses poor quality clasps which may ruin the whole experience. However, this vest uses good quality clasps that never get out of order.

3. Padded Airsoft & Paintball Chest Protect

If you are looking for a vest that is excellent in preventing you from injuries, then I am sure this one is for you. With its improved quality, you will be playing like a real warrior on the battlefield. So let’s have a look what’s inside.

Technical Features:

It could be a perfect match if you are looking for a lightweight and sturdy body armor. Nothing can beat it when it comes to the high-quality material and excellent performance. You will see a wonderful new design of chest padding line which gives maximum comfort without creating any pain issues in the chest. In short, you will love this unique combination.

You will find everything that a warrior needs. From well-built clasps to high-quality chest design, you will find it an amazing product for the price. Unlike the above vest which only focuses on front protection, this vest features both front and back protection. You can stay in the battle arena for hours without worrying about getting hit by your rivals.

What’s more?

The pockets are designed in a way to accommodate everything according to your own choice. You don’t need to worry about your valuable tools and accessories anymore, store all of your important things in this vest and enjoy!

  • Protects both front and back side
  • Uses a unique and sturdy chest protector
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to clean and provides high durability
  • High-quality material used
  • A little smaller

Bottom Line

The reason why I would like to recommend it is its elastic shoulder straps and customizable fitting. You can easily adjust the straps to distribute the weight around your body. Another good thing about this vest is that it is designed for all players no matter what their physical condition is. Everyone who wears it feels like it is designed only for him/her. So buy this lightweight and durable vest and show your rivals how powerful you are.

4. ALEKOPBTV52 Body Armor Paintball

Next in the list of best paintball vests is ALEKO. It features sturdy and excellent padding for chest protection and back protection. So grab this wonderful piece and I hope you won’t regret!

Want to know more?

Technical Features

This vest is specially designed for outdoor paintball activities that are played in tough weather conditions. It has the ability to bear everything and provides life time durability. Designed with high-density foam and well-built material, it stands ready whenever you face your opponents on the battlefield. It not only looks elegant and comfortable in its looks but also prevents injuries to your back, chest and other areas of your body.

If we talk about its shape and design, it is perfect for everyone. With a chest measurement of 20×16 inches and back measurement of 20×18, you will enjoy excellent during running or if you are creeping along the ground. Once you use it, you will find the design extremely comfortable and easy to wear.

Why should I buy it?

ALEKO is counted as one of the sturdiest outdoor vest available in the online markets. Over the past few years, its sales have boasted rapidly which clearly shows how fine and excellent it is. If you are curious to know about the number of pouches, then you will be glad to know that it has five Velcro pouches.You can store all of your valuable accessories in these pouches easily. The pouches are highly customizable and allow you to keep your precious accessories safe and secure during your game.

  • Pockets are easy to remove or reallocate
  • Comes with a clean fabric
  • Features a military vest design (Camouflage)
  • Buckles on the shoulders and waist for further adjustments
  • Hard to clean

Bottom Line

In my opinion, this is a perfect option for people who are looking for a vest with tough yet durable padding. Toughness, lightweight and durability are the things that define ALEKO. Be it an outdoor paintball tournament or indoor training, it proves itself a top notch.

5. GXG Deluxe Tactical Paintball Vest

If someone is thinking of a vest that is easy to wash and wear, there is only one name in my mind GXG. With its optimal comfort and wonderful hydration unit sleeve, it gives a whole new level of joy and experience.

Technical Features

You don’t need to worry about your stomach and chest getting injured; it provides a powerful protection layer that copes with all sever conditions going around. Not only this, but you can also carry many things in it.

If you love passing information to your friends through radio then it has a separate movable radio pouch that ensures the safety of your radio during war scenes.

But the best thing about this vest is its tube holder that holds C.1 tank. The tank and modular pad always feel excellent when used, thus making it among the best units in the market. There is plenty of storage for everything that you might need during your paintball.

For each accessory, there is a pocket of different size and shape. The quality is excellent and rugged. It is very easy to carry out your outdoor paintball activities in this wonderful vest without worrying about injuries and misadventures.

Is it worth the price?

GXG is made in a way so that is easily customizable for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it doesn’t even matter. All you have to do is to wear this beautiful masterpiece and you will have a feeling never felt before.

If you are thinking to carry some heavy tools, you can easily carry such accessories in this vest. With two vertical and four movable harnesses, it becomes very easy to adjust your vest according to your body size.

  • Adjustable height and width
  • Lightweight inner padding
  • Back and front protection
  • Adjustable with your playing clothing
  • Fits perfectly even the biggest of tanks
  • The material is sometimes noisy

Bottom Line

You should buy this vest if you are looking for a vest that can carry many things with heavy weight without any problem. High capacity and easy maintenance make it a special one. The weight is equally disturbed around your body and becomes very comfortable to carry even if you have heavy accessories in pockets.

6. Tippmann Padded Chest Protector

Last but not least!

Tippmann Padded Chest Protector is a perfect combination of strength and comfort. It is one of the top quality vest unit available in the market. But why is it so famous among folks? Let’s find out!

Technical Features

It ensures high-quality protection of both front and back. The material used is of high quality and finely stitched. It is built in a special way to offer maximum comfort and performance regardless of the situation. It bears shots even from very close ranges and offers complete protection of the chest and other body parts. The vest features double stitching in order to ensure your complete safety during your outdoor training activities for paintball and Airsoft.

Tippman products are famous for its quality and that’s why it is the second Tippman vest in the list. No matter how many vests are there, its unique features always attract people. If you are choosy about adjustment all the time, you can use Velcro straps that allow you to fit the vest according to your own requirements. It uses pads under the straps as well, and that’s why the straps never hurt even if you are wearing it tight across your body.

  • Pockets for everything
  • Elegant look
  • Gives high versatility
  • Comfortable
  • Gives maximum convenience
  • The material used easily gets warm

Bottom Line

It can easily fit every size as it is designed with a high quality padded foam material. The padded foam material is not only easy to wear but also protects you in a much better way than any other vest available nowadays. It is simple in its looks yet highly durable and sturdy in performance.


We all want to play paintball once in our lives. But it is not just going outdoor and giving it the first chance. If you want to make your paintball experience a memorable one. You have to buy a paintball vest that not only gives you a feel of comfort and reality but also ensures your protection throughout the whole game.

How to choose the best paintball vest?

When I started playing this wonderful game with my friends, It was really difficult to choose a perfect paintball as we had no idea how to choose one. Same is the case with many people today, they don’t even have the faintest idea of how to go for an excellent vest.

Don’t worry, I have come up with a detailed guide to help you pick up a wonderful one without any trouble and efforts.

Things To Consider Before Buying Paintball Vest 2024

Before you pick your first Vest, there are certain things that you must consider. Keeping these things in your mind will help you choose a paintball that will be cost-effective and outstanding in its performing. Why waiting, let’s have a look.


The capacity of a vest is very important to know before you go for buying one. You might be wondering why is capacity so important, after all, it is just a vest. There might be situations like passing some important information to your team through the radio. In such cases, keeping such tools with you becomes problematic as you can only hold one thing at a time in your hands.

Thus you need a vest that can carry all of your battle equipment while playing. Be it a water bottle or map of the area where you are playing, it becomes so easy carrying them around having a vest with a larger capacity.


For me, a good paintball vest not only provides maximum performance but also gives you lifelong durability. That’s why it is the second important thing to consider after the capacity.

I have seen many vests that look wonderful in design but tear apart after being used for some time. Sometimes it even can’t resist weather conditions. If you are a kind of player who loves going out for paintball, you should choose a paintball vest that withstands every situation that you might face during your game.


I bought my paintball vest without considering the size which ruined all the fun. If you want to look like a real warrior, you should buy yourself a vest that perfectly fits your size. But keep in mind that it has to be comfortable enough so you easily move around and don’t feel stuck in your vest all the time.
Before you buy your first paintball vest, wear it and move around. If you are feeling comfortable then go for it. It should be easily adjustable around your neck and should have straps so that the vest can be used by your friends with different size as well.


Location can also play a vital role in your paintball game. If you are facing your opponents in a limited area, then the pellets might hit you harder. In limited locations, you should buy a vest that is sturdy and strong enough to bear fast hitting pellets. On the other hand, if you are playing in a vast arena, you should opt for a vest in which you can easily move around and giving maximum comfort.


Protection is the reason people buy vests. But if the quality of your vest isn’t good, the pellets will hit you hard and you can even suffer from serious chest injuries. You should purchase a vest that not only indicates the point where you are hit but also proves itself a strong one. People often misunderstand this term protection. They think that the heavier it is, the more protection it provides. However, this perception is quite wrong. A good vest is lightweight and provides high protection level.

Load-Bearing Ability

As I just said, your vest should be lightweight enough to be easily carried around. It should also be strong enough to carry everything you need during war. It should be made up of high-quality material so that when you carry heavy accessories, it doesn’t get damaged by its heavyweight. Furthermore, it should be designed in a way to distribute the weight equally around the vest so it doesn’t look clumsy when you play.

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