9+ Most Important Paintball Tips and Tactics 2021 Guide

Paintball is a sport played between different teams in the squad as well as in solo mode. The game goes as you have to take down your opponent by shooting them down with your paintball gun which is not possible without proper guidance. That’s why learning about paintball tips and or paintball tactics is very necessary.

To be a professional paintball player means that you can actively beat the hell out of your opponents without any worries. However, you can’t just make yourself a pro player without having a background knowledge of what paintball actually is and what advice you should follow.

This guide contains almost all paintball strategies and advice that you are going to use in the battlefield in order to have an edge over your enemy.

So, sit tight and give this article a thorough read so that you can learn about shooting in the best possible way.

Let’s start the topic without any further ado:

First Chapter – Selecting the Best Paintball Gear

The first and very important step to be a pro paintball player is to select the best paintball gear. Without proper gear, you are going to face a lot of difficulties while playing sports.

So, make sure that you select an ideal gear for you. some recommendations for you are as follows:

1. Paintball Gun

The first and basic need of playing paintball is the rifle or a gun through which you can shot your opponents. Making a good choice about your paintball gun will mean that you already have got an edge over your opponents.

Therefore, it will be strongly advised to select the best paintball gun in the budget that you have got. Different types of guns are available on the market with different features and qualities. So, you will need to be very thorough and resourceful in selecting the best paintball gun out there.

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Remember that all the pro players have got the most updated paintball guns i.e. electronic ones or mechanical ones. Therefore, you will also need to get such guns if you want yourself to be on the same level as your opponents.

2. Paintball Mask / Protective Mask

The very next device that you must add in your paintball gear is the paintball goggles or simply a paintball mask.

Wearing a perfect paintball mask will keep you protected from the shots of your opponents and will also make sure that you can have a clear view of the field.

For selecting the best paintball mask, you will have to be very thorough and keen in your research. Always keep in mind that the mask that you are about to select is going to keep you protected your face from any kind of danger. So, you will need to invest a good amount of money in finding a suitable mask.

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You would have seen many players wearing protective masks with qualities like Thermal Lens, wide field view, anti-fog capabilities, and durable construction. So, all these features must be considered before you step inside the battlefield.

3. Plate Carrier:

Plate carrier is basically a protective vest which keeps your lower body protected from incoming shots or bullets. They are mostly used by military peasants, but they are also now introduced in paintball and airsoft competitions.

Furthermore, the function of a plate carrier is not only limited to protection, but it can also become very useful in containing your important stuff. It has got pouches, hinges, and pockets which you can use to hold the important stuff such as paintball bullets, extra guns or map of the area where you are fighting.

So, never ignore the importance of a protective or a tactical vest and always invest in an ideal plate carrier to keep yourself as protected and ready as possible.

4. Clothes

Clothes don’t matter a lot. But yeah, it is recommended that you get yourself a pair of military trousers along with proper full sleeves shirt to play paintball without facing any issues.

5. Shoes

Choosing the best paintball shoes will depend on the area that you are using to play paintball.

If it’s rough terrain, then you should probably use the sneakers with proper gripping or simply a rubber outsole.

On the other hand, if you are playing in slippery or rainy conditions, then you will need shoes with water-resistant properties.

Also, keep in mind that you will have to move a lot while playing the game so it is necessary that the shoes that you select for paintball are comfortable and have a lightweight design.


A perfect paintball gun, protective mask, tactical plate carrier, proper clothing and a pair of shoes will mean that you are already well equipped with the best paintball gear and are ready to take down your opponents like a boss.

Chapter 2 – Getting the Best Out of Your Paintball Gun

One of the very first kind of paintball tactics and paintball tips is getting the most out of your gun.

Some important strategies that you should follow in this regard are as follows:

1. Keep Your Gun Clean

The very first tip that you must follow to get most out of your paintball gun is to keep your gun as clean as possible.

A clean gun will give you more edge over your opponent and will deliver the pellets with a perfect velocity along with accurate shots as well.

So, no matter what happens, you must enter the battlefield with a cleaned paintball gun.

Clean the debris from a Burst Pellet if Any

A burst pellet in your gun will mean that the rest of the shots that you are going to fire are with low accuracy and can also result in stoppage of the gun.

So, make sure that you clean out such pellets from the gun to prevent any kind of mishap during the gameplay.

Keep the Gun Hopper Clean:

The hopper is indeed the very important part of a paintball gun as it has accommodated the paint pellets and thus it provides those pellets to the gun breach in order to get fired.

Keeping the hopper clean will mean that your gun is in the best possible shape. If in intense gameplay, you have fallen or bean leaping around a lot, it is possible that some of the paint pellets might get cracked inside the hopper and can stop you from firing.

If this incident happens, you must remove the hopper from the gun in order to make the gun on the Neutral zone.

If you ever got a break around the gameplay, grab out a tissue and clean the hopper again with proper care.

Keep Your Gun Away From Mud:

Mud is an integral part of the battlefield and you have to face it no matter what the scenario is. You must keep your gun away from getting mud or else there might be gripping issues.

If in an incident, your gun got muddy, then you can simply wipe it out after you are finished with playing paintball.

2. Don’t Pick Pellets From the Ground

The paint pellets which have been already shot should not be used again as they might cause your gun to get jammed and you won’t be able to fire again with your gun.

To make it easier, keep in mind that the pellets used for paintball shooting have got gelatin material construction. This material is able to absorb water easily and instantly. This will make them easy to bounce off or the pellets will simply get swelled.

Thus, they will block the gun barrel and your gun will become jammed during the gameplay.

However, you can use up the pellets that you have dropped accidentally and are still dry and clean. In either way, refrain from using already fired pellets from the ground.

Avoid Running out of Gas:

he most commonly used paintball guns i.e. Tippmann guns have got carbon dioxide tanks.

Each tank can accommodate almost 20 ounces of gas which allow you to shot at least 800 shots. In case the gas runs short, your gun won’t be able to shot the pellets with the same velocity and accuracy as well.

In such a case, you should always contact a marshal to check out on the gas tank that your gun has. If it’s running out of gas, then you will need to replace it with a new gas tank.

On the other hand, many beginners do this mistake that they dry fire the paintball gun. Drying means firing the paintball gun without pellets. This mistake decreases the gas present in the tank of a paintball gun and such paintball guns may run out of gas even if the game is not started.

So, refrain from doing this mistake or you will face difficulties in keeping a good accuracy while firing the pellets from your paintball gun.

3. Paintball Tips for Firing Rapidly:

A common Tippmann paintball gun can shot 5 to 8 pellets per second. However, if a layer is involved in intense gameplay, it is imminent that he or she can manage to shot only 2 to 3 pellets per second.

If the gun is semi-automatic, it will mean that you must allow the trigger to go forward after each shot. You can’t simply hold the trigger as it’s not a machine gun.

However, some of the tips that you should remember before you are involved in rapid fire as follows:

Always keep in mind that one effective shot is better than the 10 ineffective shots. Rapid firing is not so essential as your main target is to take down your opponent.

In case you are facing difficulties in firing the gun, you should use the middle finger to press the trigger rather than your index finger. That’s because the middle finger has got more power and is faster in pressing the trigger.

Keeping the gun in an upright position will mean that the pellets are easily getting out from the hopper into the gun breech. If you are not maintaining the proper position, then you are just dry firing i.e. there will be no pellets coming outside from the paintball. So, always keep the gun in an upright position.

4. Aiming

Aiming is indeed very important in firing effectively. Without proper aiming, you are just wasting the ammo you have got for taking down your opponent. While firing with a paintball gun, it is not easy to aim from the hip as in a film, as you may end up firing the pellets in all direction but your opponent.

Looking at the top of the gun barrel can, however, help you in making a proper aim while you are shooting the opponent. On the other hand, you will also have an idea about the direction of pellets.

Testing out the direction of your pellets around your opponent is also a very effective paintball tactic. You should fire two or three pellets on the target in order to have a proper idea about the target. In this way, you can take your enemy down with ease.

Paintball Playing Tactics For Beginners and Professionals

Some of the most important paintball tactics that you should follow while playing the game are as follows:

Use Cover

Standing in the middle of the battlefield is never going to help you. In fact, you will get shot very easily. This is not a Tom Cruise Movie where you can dodge all the bullets within a second.

Therefore, look out for essential cover when you enter the battlefield. Take shelter in barricades, or trees to keep yourself protected from the incoming shots of your opponents. After getting a suitable cover, you can adjust yourself to fire in an ideal manner.

Keeping a Tunnel Vision:

Keeping a tunnel vision is indeed very necessary as you are not fighting only one opponent. Keep in mind that there are other opponents as well and you must keep a check on them and their movements rather than focusing only on one opponent.


Camouflage isn’t going to work at all in my opinion so you should not use it. No matter how much you hide, even the slightest movement can trigger your opponent and you can get busted. So, try not to try this technique as it looks good only in movies.

Moving Targets

Moving targets are very hard to hit. If you have got shot from your opponent and you cannot find a good barricade to use cover, you should start running. The pattern should be zig zag and not straight running. That’s because by zigzag movement, your opponent can face a lot of difficulties in aiming the gun on you.

Working in Groups

The very next playing tactic that you must follow is to work in small groups. That is, you should always find a pair of 2 to 3 people so that you can focus on the opposition in a better way.

Spreading Out

Don’t go hard on a single opponent while working in a group. You should always spread out in different directions if the target is bigger. Spreading out will cover a lot of areas and you will be able to eliminate your target with proper effectiveness as well.

Checking Yourself

Getting hit by a pellet will not always mean that you are out of the mark. In case a pellet hit you, always make sure to check yourself for a broken mark. In many cases, a bullet will just bounce off and you will not be marked.

Many beginners do this mistake that they just consider themselves out of the game whenever a pellet hits them when in fact it just bounced back. Avoid this mistake and check yourself thoroughly in case a pellet hit you.

Going Round the Side

The very next playing tactic for paintball gameplay is to go round the side. That means, if all the action is going around in the middle of the battlefield, you should sneak from edge to edge in order to surround our opposition. In this way, you will be able to shot many opponents with ease.

Dead Men’s Walk

This is indeed a very risky trick, but you should give it a try. Simply walk towards your opposition so that they can think you are out. When you get closer, open fire at them in order to get most of the players out of the game. The trick is old fashioned now. However, it still works most of the time.

Running Away

If you are, in case, surrounded by the opposition and they are greater in number, then simply run away. Follow a zigzag path while running and find a better cover in order to keep yourself protected from the incoming pellets. Find better cover and retaliate at your opponents after running away.

Some Last Words:

Paintball is, in fact, a fun game, but it is not funny for professional players as they play different competitions to win. So, for winning purposes, you should follow all the tactics and tricks that I have mentioned above.

Good Luck!!

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