How to Start a Paintball Business In 2021 – Complete Guide

Starting a paintball business is no big a deal if you have enough knowledge about the game, how it is played and what can you provide to the paintball players in an ideal manner.

There are indeed a lot of ways through which you can start a paintball business in order to get some profit from your hobby. It is very easy to convert your hobby into something profitable and if you are a paintball maniac, starting a business will mean that you can get the best out of you in just a matter of time.

This guide is going to open up some business ideas for you if you are very interested in paintball.

So, give this article a thorough read, if you want to make something profitable out of your favorite hobby.

Let’s have a look without any further ado:

Some General or Part Time Ideas:

It is indeed a very true fact that the formation of opening a business comes from a single idea. What you can do in spare time is to brainstorm yourself about providing the best paintball services in a unique way. You can, for such purpose, search the market trends about different paintball products and what people are interested in; so that to open a profitable paintball business.

However, if you are already working somewhere else and don’t want to make a large investment in paintball, you can still get a good profit from paintball.

How? Let’s follow the below-mentioned ideas to find the best suitable answer:

1. Offering Paintball Rides

Many players will find it very difficult to reach the field in them and they will surely need a ride from their home to the field. You can, thus use their necessity to earn yourself a good amount of money. By charging a small amount of free, you can easily get yourself a handsome profit just by riding the paintballers to their destination.

You can, for this purpose, pitch some clients over Facebook or by contacting the leagues. You must have a vehicle that is capable of carrying almost 5 to 6 people. A truck could become handier in this way.

2. Renting You Equipment

Now, you might be thinking that most of the fields already are providing this service, so how can I get benefit from this service? This where the best idea comes in. Many fields will provide rentals only on basic paintball gear which is sometimes very outdated.

What you can do is, to invest in some good paintball equipment. If it’s your hobby, you can already get yourself the best gear from the market in an ideal price range. After you have got the right stuff, rent them out to your potential clients.

Some of the players are in dire need of ramping markers or fully automatic guns, but they can’t get it because of the budget issue. So, by investing in such guns, you can rent them as they have got a very high demand.

Nevertheless, you should always get some advanced payment in case there is a risk of getting your equipment robbed. Also, keep in mind that with the help of good marketing, you can easily get the best clients.

Once, you have got the right clients for Equipment renting, you can make a hell lot of profit from this idea.

3. Organizing a Paintball Event:

Paintball events can easily be organized if you have got proper fields. By charging small chunks of the fee, you can organize an event and can invite the teams for having a perfect competition. However, for organizing a paintball event it is necessary that you are following the game very closely and are already in contact with the paintball community.

Also, you should keep one thing in mind that organizing an event might take some time and it is possible that you can face failure. However, once you have pulled out a successful paintball event, you can then start making money very easily.


In short, the part-time ideas are for people who are already working and they just want to spend their time in something profitable. Keep in mind that, these ideas might not work as you have expected because, in business, you have to face both profit and loss simultaneously.

So, don’t try out these ideas if you cannot take a risk.

Full-Time Ideas

The real deal comes here where you can literally start a proper paintball business. However, keep in mind that you will need a good amount of money to start a full time earning from paintball.

As I have mentioned above, nothing is possible without proper knowledge about the game. So, I will not recommend you to try out the below-mentioned idea if you are not interested in the game itself.

It will be better, if you are already involved in the game as in this way, you will be able to make your business as unique as possible.

So, let’s stat without any further ado:

1. Starting a Paintball Field:

The first best full-time idea to open a proper paintball business is to start a paintball field. You can easily start your own paintball field if you already have got a large area on your premises or have got land on lease from a company.

What Will Need to Do to Flourish Your Business?

keep in mind that you are going to compete with other fields if you want to start your own battling field. Some steps that you must follow to beat the competing brands are as follows:

Know What They Are Doing:

It is very necessary to keenly observe your competitors. Take a look at what they are doing to attract paintball guns. Check out their rentals and charging a fee as well. On the other hand, you should also consider the kind of facilities or discounts they are providing to the players.

In this way, you will be able to come up with a plan better than your competitors in order to outclass them.

Renting the best Paintball Guns:

Well, no matter what the situation is, your focus will be on renting high-quality guns only. You should have every kind of gun at your disposal ready to rent. In this way, if a competitor isn’t able to provide a specific gun on rental, you can advertise to get more clients inside your field.

Selling Paintballs:

Ammo is very necessary and you can easily get a lot of money by selling paintballs. Keep all kind of pellets at your disposal, i.e. the cheap paintballs, mid-budget paintballs, and expensive ones. In this way, the player can easily choose the type of pellets he wants to beat the hell out of his opponent.

Tips on Getting Land:

If you are really serious about getting land to start paintball field, you should probably select a rural area with a large covering space as such areas have got an ideal lease and will keep you away from spending more as well.

It will also help you in a sense, that people will prefer to play in unregulated areas rather than playing in the fields they are aware of in order to increase the competition.

Making Yourself as a Corporation:

It is always a risk to be the sole proprietor of the business. So, try to convert yourself into a corporation. Look out for potential sponsors that are able to sponsor your field. It will all depend on how better you can do the marketing of your field.

Outsourcing Your Competitors Via Marketing:

Keep in mind that your competitor will do everything in its hand to lure the clients away from your field. So, it is always recommended to do proper marketing. In my opinion, it is ideal to hire a marketing manager who can make a proper strategy to advertise your field in a perfect manner.


Well, going for a sole paintball field is a perfect full-time business idea if you are more interested in paintball. The process of getting profit will be gradual, but once you are famous, you will get profit from your field on a daily basis for sure.

2. Manufacturing Equipment

Yet another awesome full-time business idea is to get involved yourself in manufacturing paintball equipment. This idea might look very difficult as many people think that it will require a lot of money.

Well, it will surely require money, but not when you are thinking outside the box. Making paintball guns require a lot of money, but the protective gear is not only easy to make, but it also has a perfect cost/benefit ratio.

Therefore, if you want to start the manufacture of protective gear such as plate carriers, protective masks or gloves etc., you can thus earn yourself a good profit from such business.

Some Last Words:

Those were the ideas that you needed to know if you are thinking about a paintball business. Business is never profitable without taking risks. So, it is not your area of interest if you are too afraid of facing failures. I hope you have got the main idea of starting a paintball business. So, start implementing the rules if you want to earn something good from paintball.

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