How to Clean a Paintball Gun Effectively – Complete Guide 2021

A paintball gun is indeed the most important equipment in your gear. If it is properly cleaned, you will be able to shot the opponent with perfect accuracy and aiming as well. However, the dilemma is, many beginner players don’t even think about cleaning their gun.

As a result, they can face issues like gun jamming, poor accuracy and low velocity of the pellets while they are firing towards the opponent.

So, in order to keep you away from such mishaps, I have got a complete step to step guide for you which will allow you to clean your gun effectively.

Keep in mind that this guide is for all paintball guns. Some steps may vary from gun to gun but most of them are almost perfect for a paintball gun from each and every brand.

So, let’s have a look without any further ado:

The 4 Basic Steps to Clean the Paintball Gun Effectively:

Starting with some general or basic tips that will help you to clean the gun that you are owning easily. Take a look at these steps as follows:

1. Wet Or Muddy Issues

Don’t ever let your gun get wet or muddy. Your priority should be to protect your gun from such situations. However, it is possible that in intense gameplay, your gun might get wet or muddy. In this case, you should clean the gun thoroughly either with a tissue or a dry cloth.

Keep in mind that without removing the wetness or mud from your gun, it will not function in the best possible manner. That is, the pellets speed will be decreased sufficiently along with low velocity.

It is also possible that a pellet can break down in the barrel because of the wet situation happening in the gun. Hence, always clean or wipe out your gun with a dry cloth before you start using it again.

2. Use of a Lubricant Or Oil:

Using a common oil or lubricant for your paintball gun will worsen the situation even more. Always keep in mind that there are specific types of lubricants and oils that must be used to make the gun smoother and easy to use.

With cheap oils or lubricants, you might break the O-rings of the paintball gun and it can become non-functional as well.

Therefore, it is always recommended to use proper or recommended oils and lubricants for your guns.

3. Wiping Off The Paintball Gun:

Wiping or cleaning your paintball gun before every game and after you have played the game will only increase the user experience of your gun. That is, it will become even easier to use. Wiping the gun before every game and after the game will make sure that it can never get jammed not even in intense conditions.

Therefore, it is always recommended that you wipe out your gun either with a tissue or a dry cloth to make it as new as possible for a long period of time.

4. Cleaning the Barrel:

One of the most effective ways to clean the barrel of your paintball gun is to remove it and wash it with water. A cleaned barrel will make sure that your shots will have a good velocity along with perfect accuracy.

Therefore, always clean off the gun barrel before the game is started to ensure maximum accuracy and smoothness of the gun.

How to Clean The Paintball Gun – 10 Effective Ways:

This step by step guide will allow you to clean the paintball gun with effectiveness. So, give it a thorough read so that you might be able o clean your gun by yourself easily.

Let’s have a look:

What Will You Need (Instruments)

before cleaning your gun, make sure that you have got the following instruments on the table:

  1. Hot Water (Not too much hot).
  2. Allen Keys (They are available in the market).
  3. Oil (Recommended by the Manufacturer).
  4. Lubricants (Also Recommended by the Manufacturer).
  5. Proper Schematic (A sketch of assembling and disassembling the gun)
  6. Paper Towels (You will Need them to clean the un thoroughly).
  7. Dry Clothes (Used to remove the wetness).
  8. Squeegees (Used for removing the wetness).
  9. Q-Tips (Are needed for thorough cleaning).
  10. Toothbrush (Used for intense cleaning).

A large workspace where you can disassemble or assemble the gun and can accommodate all the instruments as well.

Steps to Clean Your Gun Effectively:

1. De-Gas Your Gun:

While cleaning the gun, there is a probable chance of misfire which is because the gas tank is still attached to the gun. So, you should remove the gas tank first from your gun in order to make it de-gas. By taking out the fuel canister you can easily remove the tank. You should also find out the ASA level if it is available in your gun.

In case the ASA level is not available, you should take a look at the instruction manual of the gun with proper focus.

2. Disassembling the Gun

The very next thing after you have removed the fuel tank from your fun is to disassemble it properly. Start from the hopper and then remove all the removable parts one by one and with proper care. You should also remove the bolt, hammer and the grip. Make sure that the screws and other pieces are protected while you are removing these parts from the gun.

Keeping the screws and fasteners will help you to assemble the gun again with ease. Also, don’t rush into disassembling. Going a piece after another will make sure that you cannot break any part of your gun.

3. Cleaning the Body:

Cleaning the body is yet an important and careful task. For this purpose, you should first check out the instruction manual to see whether you can use a squeegee on the body of your gun or not.

In case the instruction manual allows it, you should run the squeegee on the body thoroughly and after that, you should make use of a toothbrush or a Q tip so that the body is cleaned without any damp area left. After running all the above-mentioned instruments, wipe out the gun with a paper towel so that it can become dry.

4. Cleaning the Barrel:

Cleaning the barrel is followed by the pull-through squeegee. In this way, you can easily remove any paint residue that is causing the gun to get jammed or is interfering with the accuracy or velocity of the shots that you fire.

5. Cleaning the Hammer and Bolt:

The next step to follow is to clean the hammer and bolt with dry paper towels. Make sure that there isn’t any foreign debris left on these parts. On the other hand, you should also take a look at the O-Rings of the gun and analyze them for any wear or tear. If there is high damage to the O-Rings, you must replace them.

6. Cleaning the Grip Frame:

The very next important step is to clean the grip frame. By using instruments like Q-Tips and toothbrush, you can clean the grip frame with ease. While cleaning the grip frame, you should not disassemble the trigger as it has got a complicated structure and you might face issues in assembling it again.

7. Inspecting Your Gun:

After you are done with cleaning the gun, give it another check. Look out for any paint residue left in the barrel. Also, take a look at the condition of O-Rings and make sure that they are not damaged on a high scale. Other than that, if any part is not clearly cleaned, clean them again by using the above-mentioned instruments.

8. Using the Lubricants:

The lubricants and oils usage may be applied with proper care and precautions. After you are done with cleaning, start using a thin coat of lubricants on the internal parts of the gun such as O-Rings. Also, make sure that the lubricants you are using are recommended by the manufacturer.

9. Reassemble the Gun:

After a thorough clean up, now is the time to reassemble the gun. For this purpose, you should use the schematic to make sure that you are placing each part in its place. Tighten the bolts and screws where it’s due and also give another look to the parts while joining them. Reassembling the paintball gun according to schematic will mean that it has regained its original accuracy and operation.

10. Maintenance of the Gun After Cleaning

Some important tips for maintaining the cleaned paintball gun are as follows:

  • Always choose a safe room for keeping your paintball gun.
  • Unload your gun after you are done with playing.
  • Remove the hopper and gas tank before storing your gun.
  • Press the trigger so that the bolt can come forward. It keeps the spring undamaged.
  • Safety mode button should be pressed for maintaining the gun.
  • Put some lubricant and oil on the gun before storing it.
  • Keep your gun in a dry place and at room temperature.
  • Keep your gun away from kids.
  • Keep the hopper and tank separately and not together.
  • It is better to store some extra accessories related to your gun.

Some Last Words:

Cleaning the paintball gun requires hard work. However, with proper cleaning guide, you can easily clean your gun in a matter of time. Just follow this easy guide to keep your gun up to the mark for upcoming competitions.

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