Does Paintballing Hurt? Facts You Must Know as a Paintballer

Does paintballing hurt? You will hear this question from many people who have never competed in a paintball game. Why do they ask such questions? Well, to be honest, they are just afraid of getting shot by a paintball.

In my opinion, getting hurt with a paintball is somewhat subjective and it depends upon a lot of factors.

That is why I have got a detailed guide on this matter. It will surely remove all your doubts about the question which is does paintball hurt or not?

So, let’s jump inside the main topic without any further ado:

Facts About Impact of a Paintball Shot

Paintballs have got large projectile motions i.e. a .68 caliber on an average conclusion and have got a speed around 300 fps. The speed, however, may matter on the kind of gun you have got a pump gun and an electronic gun will surely have a difference in the velocity of throwing a pellet.

A speed of around 300 fps is more than enough for a strong impact on the body. However, because of the plastic nature of the shells, they are determined to burst and leave a paint mark on your body once you have been shot by your opponent. Therefore, you will not feel like you have been hit with a rock or something very hard after getting shot with a paintball.

On the other hand, a paintball can have an impact on bare skin. Upon hitting on bare skin, that area will become swelled. In addition, an actual bruising may also occur if you have been got shot from a very close range. However, such a scenario is very uncommon and you can rarely come such close to your opponent in order to get shot from such a close range.

Some factors which lay their role in hurting sense are the angle of the hit, the distance of yourself from your enemy’s gun, the gun which has been used to shot you and the area where you have been shot. All these factors will determine the kind of pain you can get from a paintball pellet.

An impact on the chest from a large distance won’t have any bigger effect. In fact, you won’t even feel such shots. However, a shot on your forearm or bare skin will compel you to curse the game that why you have joined it in the first place and things like that.

One thing to keep in mind here is, there will be a proper impact if you are not using any protection while playing the game. Even without proper protection, you won’t get any bleeding from the body part or any other serious damage. However, welting and bruising will be there on that specific area of your body which is unprotected.

The pain level may also vary from a person to person. It can, however, become more of a subjective case. Some people have got very sensitive nerves and upon hitting they can really feel a lot of pain. On the other hand, some people even with little protection can easily bear a paintball pellet even with a high velocity.

If I talk about people like us, then we fall in somewhere middle. That is, we don’t like to get shot with a paintball pellet, but its impact won’t worry us that much.


So, the impact is rather subjective as compared to being objective. In my opinion, you won’t get hurt by a pellet of paintball if you have got enough protection with proper guidelines.

How to Get Yourself Protected in Paintball

So, if you are more sensitive to pain or even if you are a normal paintball player, you will need to get yourself protected from the incoming shots of your opponents.

Let’s head towards the proper protection guidelines in this regard:

  1. Clothing:

make sure that the clothes you are wearing have got your body covered. For this purpose, you can try out full sleeves shirts and long trousers. Covering your body is the main purpose here and for this, you will need to wear long clothes. Without proper covering, it is imminent that you will feel the impact of a paintball pellet in a worse manner.

  1. Full Face Mask/Paintball Mask:

I will never recommend a paintball player to play the game without wearing a mask. A protective mask is very necessary for a player no matter at what level he is playing. That’s because your face is the most sensitive part of your body and you need to cover it before you get shot.

On the other hand, a paintball mask can also provide you a better field of view. Not only that, but protective masks can also protect your eyes from getting injured.

Therefore, no matter what the situation is, you will need to put on a protective mask. It is better to invest in a good paintball mask so that you can play the game without any worries.

  1. Gloves:

Getting shot on bare hands while playing paintball is the worst experience ever. For covering your hands, you will need proper fingerless gloves that are able to provide your proper protection along with a good gripping.

Therefore, it is always better to invest in a good pair of gloves before you step inside a paintball field.

  1. Chest Protection:

Chest protection is also very necessary. Although you will not feel a strong impact on your impact, it is still recommended to wear a protective vest before you enter a paintball field.

  1. Footwear:

Wearing lightweight sneakers or combat shoes can protect your feet even in intense conditions. So, do not wear anything else rather than combat shoes or sneakers with proper gripping.

You will be thus able to move in the best possible way with this footwear.

Some Last Words:

I have explained all the probabilities of getting hurt from a paintball pellet in this guideline. Now, if you still think that you can get hurt from a paintball, then, this game is simply not meant for you as you are very afraid of getting shot.

Good Luck!!

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