6 Different Types Of Paintball Guns – Explained in Detail

A paintball gun, is indeed, one of the most important components used in the game. It allows you to take down or simply mark your opponent in order to get him out of the competition.

As a professional paintball player, it is very necessary for you to have enough knowledge about different paintball guns that you can have a hand on. Keep in mind that no matter what the type is, a paintball gun will run on the same working mechanism.

There are a different type of paintball guns available in the market. However, without any prior knowledge, you cannot make sure that which kind of gun needs to get purchased in order to play the game like a pro.

That’s why it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge about different type of guns so that you can easily make up a decision.

Before starting the article, I would want you to ask yourself a bunch of questions such as:

  • What is Your budget range?
  • How advanced gun can you get in the budget you have got?
  • What is the purpose of using the gun you are purchasing? Is it for a free field or a private one?
  • Which kind of gas is gun use? Is it carbon dioxide or HPA?
  • Where can you easily get the tanks refilled with the type of gun you are owning.

After asking all these questions, now is the time for you to discover a different type of paintball guns 2023.

Different Types of paintball guns

So, let’s move towards this topic without any further ado:

3 Common Paintball Gun Types

There are different kinds of guns available on the market. However, the most commonly used ones are of three kinds i.e.

  1. Pump Paintball Guns.
  2. Mechanical Paintball Guns and
  3. Electronic Paintball Gun.

Each gun works on different kind of mechanisms. So, let’s have a look at each type in more details:

 1. Pump Paintball Guns 

Pump Paintball Guns

Pump paintball guns are indeed the most common and basic type available in the market. They are also very old fashioned and will require high energy to operate a well. In fact, with the introduction of paintball as a sport, these were used in those old times by the paintball players.

The pump paintball guns have got a common mechanism structure. They re manual in function. That is, you have to pump up the gun as you can see it in old-fashioned shotguns. By pumping the gun, the air pressure can cause the bolt to move forward and hit the pellet with a high force so that it can burst out of the barrel with a high velocity.

 Advantages of Pump Paintball Guns: 

Pump paintball guns even being very old fashioned are used by paintball players to improve their accuracy and aiming while playing the game.

That being said, these guns are also ideal for beginners who need to work more on their aim and accuracy.

Not only that, but a pump paintball gun can also cost you a very little amount. So, it will be your choice in case you have got a very low budget.

 Disadvantages of Pump Paintball Guns: 

The disadvantages are also there if you are using a pump marker. For instance, you have to pump the gun in order to fire the next shot which takes a lot of time.

On the other hand, modern-day players cannot simply play with pump guns as they have got a low projectile pressure and the pellets shot from such guns are thus not so fast.

With each loading and time wastage, you cannot stand a chance against those using a semi-automatic gun.


Even with more disadvantages, pump paintball guns still have got their own charm as you can use them if you are interested in firing a shotgun.

  2. MechanicalĀ Paintball Guns 

Mechanical Paintball Guns

The very next type of guns that you can commonly find in the market is Mechanical paintball guns. They work on semi-automatic mechanism as you only have to press the trigger again and again in order to shoot at your opponent. Such guns are very easy to use if you have got a perfect load of extra accessories.

Keep in mind that a mechanical paintball gun can work on both compressed air as well as carbon dioxide. So, it depends upon you that which kind of gas you want to get refilled in your gun. However, it is obvious that carbon dioxide has got more pressure than compressed air and is thus recommended by the professional players as well.

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Semi-automatic guns can easily shoot as many pellets on the target as you want. You won’t have to worried about loading the gun again and again as you can face in pump paintball gun as well.


Mechanical paintball guns have got a very affordable budget as well. They are, thus, a perfect choice for beginners, intermediates and pro players as well.

That being said, the guns use compressed air or carbon dioxide to function. That is, you don’t have to worry about the loading issues.

On the other hand, they are far better than pump paintball guns. You will only need to press the trigger in order to shoot at your target.


Mechanical guns are semi-automatic and not fully automatic.

You cannot press the trigger at once and expect that pellets will come out from the barrel of such guns.

They are not easy to clean.

You will have to press trigger each time you want to shoot a pellet at your opponent.


Mechanical paintball guns indeed have got more advantages than the downfalls. You can use such guns to have an upper hand on your opponent while playing the sport. So, consider such guns as they are affordable and far better than that of pump paintball guns.

  3. Electronic Paintball Guns  

Electronic Paintball Guns

Electronic paintball guns are the results of the latest technology revolution in the world. They were at first very expensive, but they are now pretty affordable as well. Electronic guns are usually powered by a 9-volt battery which is more than enough to last a game. The guns, on the other hand, use a solenoid to make a fire. Upon pressing the trigger, it will thus click a micro-switch which is responsible for the firing mechanism to work.

That thing being said, electronic paintball guns are indeed the best guns available in the market. They are better than that of machine guns and far better than that of pump paintball guns.

The guns have got an extremely high firing rate. You don’t have to press the trigger, again and again, to fire with this gun as well. A proper circuit board is present in order to handle all the commanding tasks of the gun. Not only that, but such guns also have got different firing modes that you can set according to your will and wish.

 Advantages of Electronic Paintball Guns: 

  • Electronic paintball guns have got a sleek design. They, on the other hand, have got immense firing rates as well.
  • The pellet fired from an electronic gun would have a high velocity and accuracy than that of mechanical guns.
  • You won’t have to worry about the gas tank in electronic paintball guns as they are working on a 9-volt battery.
  • Electronic paintball guns are the best investment you can make in the paintball world.


  • Even with an affordable price range, these guns are still not for people who are really short on their budget.
  • Electronic guns are very complex to clean. Upon malfunctioning, you cannot repair such guns on your own.
  • On the other hand, many paintball tournaments won’t allow you using electronic guns as they only emphasize on getting semi-automatic guns to increase the competition.


Electronic markers indeed are the best paintball guns available on the market. They allow you different firing modes that you can adjust according to your will and wish. Therefore, you must consider getting such guns in case you have got a good amount of budget.

Other Types of Paintball Guns

  3 Shot Burst Paintball Guns  

3 Shot Burst Paintball Guns

3-short paintball guns are an advancement in the field of paintball guns. Upon pressing the trigger of a 3-shot paintball gun, it can fire up to three pellets at once.

You will also have an option to switch between 3-shot burst mode or the mechanical type according to your will and wish.

However, beginners should avoid getting such guns as they have got a complex operation.

  Ramping Paintball Guns  

Ramping Paintball Guns

Ramping paintball guns are also an advanced type that senior or professional players use to compete in high-level tournaments. Upon pressing the trigger continuously, the rate of firing will increase to many degrees in such guns.

However, they are also not suitable for many paintball fields as you can injure your opponent with these kinds of guns.

  Fully Automatic Guns  

Fully Automatic Guns

The last type of paintball guns on the market are fully automatic guns. Such guns have got a design and working mechanism just like ramping guns.

However, in these guns, you won’t have to press the trigger again and again in order to shoot at your opponent.

Some Last Words

Those were all the paintball gun types which you needed to study in order to get the best paintball gun for your own playing purposes. So, choose a type which suits you better and start playing paintball like a pro.

Good Luck!!

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