Top 10 Best Paintball Hoppers 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

The paintball lovers, they would exactly know the worth of having the best paintball hopper. Often called the paintball loader, the right hopper loaded on your paintball gun means you are prepared to win the (paintball) battle!

Just like any other equipment the paintball requires to play safely while your utmost priority is to keep you protected, then how come you would compromise on the hopper that is a guarantee to make you enjoy the game to its fullest.

Consider the hopper the backbone of the paintball gun because it is. And again, you just cannot go on to get any sort of paintball hopper as well.

Let us help you to find the best paintball hopper as we conduct the hours-long research to carefully analyze the hoppers off of the internet to present you with a genuine and honest review to help seize a decision.

The List of 10 Best Paintball Hoppers – Updated Picks!

1. Proto Primo – High Performing Paintball Hopper

When you aim to have the most exceptional quality of paintball hopper without causing a lot to the wallet, we do not believe in NOT considering Proto Primo paintball hopper. Keeping stocked the capacity of 200 balls to make you the king of battle but the possible firing persistence could be a challenge where it would seem to cause the interval between the fired paintballs. Luckily, this hopper sorts out the balls itself to push down the funnel to ready up the consistent vertical feed that would not delay the shots, and all 200 balls are out at the same speed and at the same time.

When out of the balls, enter the spring-loaded lid to reload the next stock to ready the gun. While they are into it, the design of the shelf would put off all the pressure building on the balls despite the unlimited count of shaking and moving, and the balls would not burst. While this issue has taken care of with perfection and one thing, they have put a lot of effort upon, and that is to keep the agitation of the gun to the minimal side so that you do not get aroused with the curiosity to keep firing to increase your excitement.

  • Quickly get loaded with 200 balls in one row
  • Feel the minimal agitation
  • The consistent flow of vertical feed
  • Creates no jams
  • Weighs a little extra than many hoppers

2. Virtue Spire III – Best Electric Paintball Hopper

Comes with the high-powered hinged shell technology to lift the capacity to the maximum of 280 rounds ensure you are loaded with the balls to last a little longer in the fight than many with the designed jam-proof feeding through its integrated spring-based drive. And when the hopper reaches close to the end, the dual-LED indicator with an alarm will start pounding to indicate to get ready to reload the supply of balls.

There are many of the good things attached to this Electric-run Virtue Spire III, let it be the design to the performance. Easier to dismantle but best at work, Virtue Spire III Electronic Hopper, comes with the flexible cycle paddle to protect the balls from tearing down. Let the balls slide down through the smart spring ramp to adjust the feed to meet different angles. In the last, the built-in wireless system navigated from the iOS and Android applications to program the hopper the way you want it to operate.

  • The bigger capacity to hold up to 280 rounds
  • Electric-run and wirelessly programmable with the iOS and Android app
  • Hits up the alarm with blinking the dual-LED indicating light
  • Jam-proof feed performance and disassembly without tools in seconds
  • A bit on the expensive side, but is the feature-rich paintball hopper!

3. BASE – Best Anti-Jam Paintball Hopper

Dominating the paintball gaming needs not to have the super-high performing hopper, but you need the right one with the right set of features. This BASE paintball hopper comes with the capacity to stack 180 rounds featured with the anti-jamming gravity fed to move the balls without the use of batteries or by shaking the gun. Shoots out 10+ shots in a mere one-second duration, so be ready to win the game! 🙂

It comes with the Picatinny rail to mount the balls crafted with the material graded with military standard 1913 with anti-jam tray to keep the balls feed in straight and reduce the congestion. Compatible with loading .68 caliber of paintballs, with the power of ballistic-perform shell creating no sound at the time of the shooting. It has integrated the lock-able latching lid not to get opened when you are busy pinning down the competitors on the field.

  • Compatible for .68 caliber-sized balls
  • Anti-jam tray which supports 10+ balls in a second and designed with gravity fed standards
  • Stores 180 rounds in one go
  • The pretty inexpensive paintball hopper
  • May happen to face issues with feed

4. Empire Splitter – High Capacity Paintball Hopper

The capacity to hold up to 200 balls to burst the fire to shackle your competitor not to give them time to even stand for a bit, this Empire Splitter hopper would not regret you on the field. Its compact design with the brilliant quality of materials used to construct the inner and outer shell that makes it one light hopper colored in opaque white. And it is best to protect it from getting broken by meeting with punches, slams, and crashes while you aggressively down the opponents.

Designed just for the professional paintball gunners, this mechanism helps to reduce the jamming, and to ready, the feed with an improved and consistent flow of the balls fired out through the gravity-fed line-up system by clearing the pressure off the shots. With no installation of any kind of the motor or electric-run equipment, this Empire Splitter hopper does perform with absolute zero noise.

  • Durable against pushes and punches
  • Holds 200 rounds in storage
  • Opaque white-colored hopper with zero noise
  • Anti-jammed technology to clear the feed
  • The affordable paintball hopper best-starter for the beginners
  • Weights a little heavier

5. Dye LT-R – High Feed Paintball Hopper

This electric-run Dye LT-R falls under the category of best paintball hopper out there in the market and not because of its price but the peculiarity that is unmatched. The patented loading functionality fuses the best feed rates with the reliable delivery that you so need when the loader gets to fire off 30+ balls in just a second. Need to attach with the battery of 3 AA-size batteries to last for 80,000+ shots count before running out the power. And, you can increase and decrease the torque manually through an Allen wrench to let the balls catch more flight distance on the bigger playfield. Its tool-less disassembly makes you in command to keep the inner shell cleared any time because the whole hopper punches out in mere seconds and could get reassembled quickly to put it back in the working state.

Made with the anti-jamming Sharkin-styled release trigger and the feed tension comes with the feature of loading even the balls surpassing the standard size without causing the feed rate to slow down. As it comes with the rapid loading technology, the DYE Quick feed has the transparent lock-able lid to act fast in loading the balls with the secured closure. And, the spring-loaded collapsing floor helps in keeping the feed straight to get shot with a consistent supply of balls. The brighter LED acts as an indicator that starts to blink when the shots about running out of the capacity to get a new batch ready to reload.

  • Hard-formed material used in constructing the overall design of hopper
  • Runs with 3 AA batteries before running out the power at least after 80,000 shots
  • Made to hold the capacity of 200 balls with an anti-jam trigger to fire on the target
  • Disassemble without the help of any tool
  • Shark Fin releasing trigger that supports even the oversized paintballs to shoot out without any problem
  • Weighs a little heavier
  • Produces noticeable noise

6. MADdog – Best Gravity-Fed Paintball Hopper

Another paintball hopper that we feel proud to present to you, and this one comes from MADdog dipped into the pure-black color loaded with spring-loaded flipping top to open it wide and insert the stash of paintballs to up to 200 rounds in just one go. The feature of gravity-fed makes the balls take place the soonest a shot fires up even if the gun moves and jumps around and designed in the way where you can easily split the shell to disassemble fully to conduct the deep cleaning.

Easy to jack up on most of the paintball guns without facing any trouble, this super-lightweight paintball hopper would not have you to feel any weight, and hence that allows you to move into the playfield freely. Needless to say but the design of MADdog ensures the durability and longevity hard to find with any other paintball hoppers as it faces all of the bumps, crashes, and jerks that are the standard part of the paintball battle, isn’t it?

  • Power to hold the capacity of 200 rounds
  • High-grade materials to construct the shell to withstand all the playfield impacts
  • Disassembles in seconds
  • Flipping top with spring-loaded system to ensure the immediate reload of the balls in during the critical battlefield
  • May get jammed during the fast-firing of shots
  • Best for beginners learning to play the paintball firing

7. HK Army TFX – Best Zero Gravity Paintball Hopper

Another kind of the sturdy and stylish paintball hopper, we do not let this HK Army TFT hopper to go past from the consideration. Being a choice of many professional paintball gunners, it comes with a good load of the capacity of 216 rounds to last for long to pin down your opponents on the field. And its zero-gravity lifting tray along with anti-jam feeding does help in firing the balls right on the target without stacking the supply of balls. Crafted the shell with high-grade plastics, and you can expect the durability to absorb all the bumps and crashes.

The spring-based lift elevates the paintball to line up with the feeding system to be prepared to get fired. With the integrated Reactive Eye System turns on the Swoop Stack assembly line to push the balls forward into the marker to fire with its fullest momentum. With the push-ready button, QuickLid comes with the option to cover the lid from getting opened and popping out the balls while you are at it playing this intensive game!

  • Swoop stack functionality
  • Quick-Lid change system to open the lid for fast reloading
  • Anti-jamming function
  • Toolless disassembly to open the full unit for advanced cleaning
  • Zero gravity lift for lining up the balls according to the feed
  • Stores up to 216 rounds while it can fire about 22+ shots in a second!
  • Ninety days warranty so you can thoroughly test it out!
  • Causes some trouble as it produces the jam, sometimes

8. GOG – Best Multi Paintball Hopper

This paintball hopper from GOG is featured with a 2-in-1 system to support the two calibers of the ball set from .50 and to the size of .68 caliber without taking and making any modification. Just insert the balls of both kinds of the calibers and see them swinging out right on the opponent. Made able to fit into any of the feed necks to outshine the performance, this GOG’s hopper lasts longer than you think due to being designed with the hard plastic to bear the scratches and crashes that is just a normal thing happening in the battlefield.

Also, it’s bigger mouth lid ensures the balls go down to the feed tube through its gravity-fed design which does not require any kind of electric motor to throw the balls out of the gun. As it supports multi-sized balls type, so expect the capacity of rounds could deteriorate accordingly. For the lower side of the caliber, it can store up to 300 rounds of .50 caliber while .68 caliber balls will hold up to 110 rounds. Hence, you make sure to understand the difference before starting to initiate the complaint about it. 🙂

  • The gravity-fed design pushes down the balls to slide down under the feed tube
  • Supports .50 and .68 calibers balls
  • Bigger mouth lid to keep intact the shots and that makes it efficient to reload
  • Hard plastic to withstand the clashes on the field
  • Flimsy design
  • Pretty heavier hopper

9. Valken – Best Tool-Less Disassembly Paintball Hopper

The choice of the professionals, this tournament-grade hopper from Valken tops the chart of best paintball hopper you can ever find. The interchangeable switch to make it work with either .50 to .68 calibers. Also, the switching system turns the hopper into a low profile or gain the high capacity with the added functionality of keeping the noise to the lower side. This battery-run through 3 AA batteries to mount in the battery compartment to turn it on and off by pressing just a button. Able to load about 105+ rounds of .50 caliber along with 50+ shots from .68 caliber to load into the feed tube using the motorized as Valken operates electronically.

Its tool-less design turns the entire hopper split from the middle to ensure the easier disassembly to wipe out all the dirt and paints to ready it up for the next battle. And what about the design itself? Crafted with the best material that makes it withstand all the wear and tears that generally happen on the field, so wish to pray of not breaking the hopper down by pushings and scratching. Its quick-release shell helps in disassembling the unit with super ease. And the quick switch lid comes with the widened mouth, super helpful at the time of fast reloading when you are under the (paintballs) fire! 🙂

  • Switchable to support .50 to .68 caliber balls
  • Includes the capacity extender to increase storage to hold up to 250 rounds
  • Electric-run motor to keep the shots ready and loaded
  • Quick switching lid for the rapid reload
  • Low profile hopper but can interchange to become the high profile and hold the high capacity of rounds
  • Toolless disassembling to open up the entire hopper in seconds
  • A little expensive but the best performing electronic hopper

10. G.I. Sportz LVL – Best Battery-Run Paintball Hopper

The ultimate loading system that supports up to 200 rounds in the capacity loaded with speedy feed to align the balls force down the tube, and that is what G.I. Sportz LVL is renowned for when it comes to the performance you so need on the field. Designed with the extremely durable and high impacting nylon material to bear all the weather conditions and the bumps and crashes you meet during the play that makes it to extreme lightweight and towards the super low profile to not emit any noise. This Black and Olive-mixture color and being an electrical-run hopper comes loaded with many adjustable programs to fine-tune how it should operate.

And, it got a drive system to keep it away from getting the balls jammed through soft feeding to load the brittle balls to fly away from the gun’s nozzle without breaking. And the tool-less disassembly ensures it splits in half quickly to conduct the thorough cleaning to keep using the hopper with nothing affecting the parts and work flawlessly.

  • Loads up to 200 rounds
  • Constructed with high-grade nylon material to bear all the impacts
  • Designed for lightweight and to keep it low profile
  • Anti-jamming drive to consistently supply the balls
  • Runs with the help of at least 4 AA batteries
  • Increases the performance the way you want
  • Lightweight but a little heavier in price

Conclusion of best paintball hopper

In the end, we conclude our original research by listing the 10 best paintball hoppers to make the super-fun paintball war with your friends.

As we carefully researched to bring you the top 10 products that cater to the requirements, whether you are just getting started to master the paintball gun OR already established professional figures wanting to switch the hopper to increase the performance, you got them all!

The list of the features that we clearly described in open-wide details makes you understand your requirements to go with paintball hopper to own. Needless to say, but you should first understand yourself as to what sort of the player you are. And luckily, we have the paintball hoppers covered to fit the beginners, mediocre, and the professional players.

Despite caring about the budget, you must get to find the one that marks all checks to take it to the extreme level of its limit!

So, let’s get to own one and enjoy killing time! 🙂

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