6 Best Paintball Gears You Must have in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

So you have finally decided to start playing paintball. Well, it’s a very good decision. You have made a decision that will be very fruitful in the long term for you. Paintball is not just a game that is played to steal the show, it is a game that keeps us alive and teaches us how to step ahead when there are hurdles everywhere. That’s why a lot of people have been playing it and hundreds are joining it every day.

when I first decided to play this game, it was very difficult for me to find the perfect gear for this game. I would search here and there for a proper direction to make a better decision. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could guide me and put me in the right direction. That’s why I spend a lot of money and time to buy my very first paintball gear.

The reason why I have written this complete review guide is very obvious. I want to help you guys choose a perfect gear for your first paintball game without spending hours and hours in search of equipment that would meet all of your needs and desires. All you have to do is to read this complete guide till the end and I assure you will end up a wonderful paintball gear at the end. So, let’s head towards our list of 7 best paintball gears you should try out.

List of 6 Paintball Gears You Must Have

1. V-Force Grill Paintball Mask
2. HK Army PaintballPaintball Gloves
3. Black Ops JuniorSniper Rifle
4. Yakeda Tactical CSPaintball Vest
5. US Army Alpha EliteMilitary Gun
6. Pants T4Paintball Pants

1. V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

The first thing that you need for your paintball game is the mask, choosing the right mask is very important. Check out this one and you will love to wear it.

Technical Features

Heavyweight masks are very difficult to carry with. That’s why this V-Force mask is designed especially with light-weight aluminum to offer you high-level of protection during your game. Wow, you don’t need to worry about your head getting injured anymore. In the same way, it provides high speed and a full range of motion during your game without putting your safety in danger.

Due to its low maintenance lenses, it always attracts beginners. The lenses always give what a person looks for during the very first games of his career. They are thermally heated and stave off the fog. Most of the time, we are worried about our mask getting scratched, however, this wonderful equipment is made in a way to resist every scratch during your game.

What’s special about it?

It has an elegant look and features a spherical shape design which is inspired by sunglasses. This design gives you clear vision without any kind of distortion. Furthermore, the grill area is always there to prevent the paintballs from exploding. It also facilitates proper ventilation and easy communication. With a fully customizable system, you can replace each individual part of your mask.

In addition to all these features, V-Force Grill is excellent in performance and uses a high-density interior foam. The foam can be easily changed and dried in case of any misadventure. Though it is not a full sized mask, you can easily add additional protection for you for head, hair, neck, and ears. In terms of these features, it proves itself as the best paintball mask.

  • Perfect for speedball
  • Highly customizable
  • Provides resistance to fog and scratches
  • Has a soft rubber area to bounce the paintballs
  • Not a full-sized mask

Bottom Line:

You should buy this mask for your paintball game if you are looking for a great product at an affordable price. With good coverage and adjustable straps, it gives everything you wish to have. You won’t face any breathing issue by using this amazing mask, it breaths very nice in almost every situation.

2. HK Army Paintball 2014 Pro Gloves

Next comes in our list Gloves. Perfect gloves are very difficult to find as it requires a lot of experience to choose among a perfect pair of gloves. However, this one will put an end to your quest for the right gloves for sure. Let’s have a look at its technical features.

Technical Features

HK Army gloves may seem expensive than other gloves in the run. But they are better than most of the gloves in the market. And the reason is quite obvious, the material. Build with the thermo-formed neoprene build system, this material makes sure that it proves to be the most comfortable. Your hands are always free of sweat when you wear this extra cool gloves.

How does it help me?

They don’t get loose across your hands, each pair of HK Army comes with a Velcro strap to hold the gloves tight to your wrist so you better hold your guns or snipers with it. They are extremely comfortable and keeps your knuckles from being busted during the game. They offer maximum protection by still providing full movement of your fingers and flexibility. It is very easy to pull the trigger by wearing these gloves.

  • Fits great on hands
  • Paddling to protect your hands
  • Gives a proper grip on your guns
  • Open fingers to use your trigger efficiently
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

You should buy these gloves if you want your finder open so that you easily place your fingers on the trigger. The stitching on the gloves is of high quality and never tear off even if you are using it in extreme weather conditions. It is thick and solid and never make you sweat during your game. The additional padding on the palm to keep you protected in case you fall to the ground or just slide in.  So go for this wonderful piece of gear and I am sure you will never regret your decision.

3. Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle

Its time to choose a sniper now. Let’s go!

Technical Features

When people hear of the sniper, they think that it is going to be the most expensive among all the paintball equipment. But in the case of this one, you don’t need to worry about the expenses. This low-cost rifle is a perfect choice with a 20-inch barrel that is designed for maximum accuracy. You will be surprised to know that it fires 177 pellets. Well, that’s a big number.

Furthermore, it can also shoot paintballs. The speed of shooting paintballs is higher than of shooting pellets. With this excellent sniper, shooting becomes real fun. It is fast and has a very light-weight thus proves to be the fastest of all the other guns around. In order to give maximum efficiency, it uses a multi-pump lever action system.

Can I customize it?

You can customize this gun as well. All the required components can be easily attached to it. If you are thinking about the optical sight, let me tell you it comes with an optical sight of 4×15 scope. Really? Yes. If you wish to have a multi-pump rifle that is inexpensive, this one will definitely help you out.

  • An action bolt air rifle
  • Fast shooting
  • Perfect for the outdoor field activities
  • Affordable
  • Less durable

Bottom Line:

Buy this wonderful rifle if you want to buy a rifle for your family who wishes to play adventurous outdoor games. It will accurately shoot the target even 200 feet away and can be used for plenty of outdoor gaming activities. The only thing you might find a drawback is its durability. However, it is well compensated by a lower price and dozen of other cool features.

4. Yakeda Tactical CS Field Vest

Whenever I hear about vests, the first name that comes to my mind is none other than Yakeda. Let me tell you in detail and I am sure you will like it as well. So let’s go!

Technical Features

It is one of the best outdoor field vests and is made of the sturdy nylon mesh structure. It comes with various adjustable accessories that can be easily attached as needed. Once you use it, you will realize how fine the material is and why is this vest considered as the best vest available around. If you are looking for a vest that offers high-level coverage and protection, you will find it very helpful to prepare you for your coming games.

This is not equipment which is made for a specific user, anyone can use it and wear it. It is so much adjustable that it fits perfectly on everyone using it. You can make larger or smaller the straps according to your own size and comfort level. You will find it extremely comfortable after using it just for a single time.

What are the other features?

Furthermore, it features a padded with rubber on the right shoulder which would be perfect for you if you are a right-handed shooter. You can easily hold the rifle on the shoulder without worrying about your perfect aim position. The way it recoils and kickbacks are really amazing and admirable.

  • Extremely firm
  • Highly adjustable
  • Comes with many pouches
  • Can hold six handgun magazines
  • A bit Expensive

Bottom Line:

You should buy this one if you are looking for a vest that copes with everything that comes in its way. One of the best things about this superb vest it that it is highly adjustable, thus allowing you to wear it the way you would like to wear. Moreover, the pouches are amazing. You can store everything that you might need during your game.

5. US Army Alpha Elite: Military Gun

Some people prefer having guns while some prefer having rifles. Let’s dig some more about it.

Technical features

If you are in confusion whether to buy an electronic marker or mechanical one, this one will solve this problem for sure. This stock version is a machine gun but with an electronic grip and trigger upgrade. It always satisfies its users by providing them with high battery power and multi powering modes. A single upgrade will cost you round about $30 but will give you eight firing modes and a visual LED mode indicator as well.

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Is it M 16?

You might be wondering what it looks like M 16. Yes, it made like the famous M16. You will feel like you are holding a real M 16 whenever you use it. With its clean and sleek design, it always attracts the users to use it for the first chance they get. The die-cast aluminum makes it one of the sturdiest gun around.

With the help of a screw, you can easily release the feed neck to hook up to hoppers. Furthermore, it has enough space for storing Allen keys, a screwdriver or even a small battery. It also comes with a removable stock and has 5 length adjustments that allow you to customize the length of your gun when needed.

  • Rugged construction
  • Heavy profile barrel
  • Very accurate with the targets
  • Solid and very realistic in its looks
  • Needs to be upgraded to attach e-grip

Bottom Line:

You should buy this popular and famous gun if you are looking for a gun that has both the features of a mechanical and electronic gun. You can use it mechanically as well as electronically by upgrading the necessary accessories when need. So for this perfect blend of creativity and innovation and enjoy a real M 16 feeling.

6. Exalt Paintball Thrasher: Pants T4

It is not easy to job to pick rights pants for your paintball game. However, I have come up with pants that not only stands out in performance but are highly durable as well. So hold your nerves and see what it has inside for you. Let’s move!

Technical Features

These pants are famous because they are very low price and provides maximum performance. You would be surprised about its quality once you use it. With a good knee paddling, you can easily sit around and do whatever you would like to do it. Furthermore, it is very soft and flexible in use. Amazing!

You can also use a belt and that’s why it features belt loops to give its user the best possible experience. Using it will never be a problem as it uses a fine stretching material thus allowing ease of movement during your paintball activities. You will find it very easy while running out on the field as it is super cool in stretching to the extremes.

What’s special?

The special thing about these pants is that it has mesh lines pockets, knee pads and uses stretching material. These are the thing that people mostly look in pants before they go to buy it. With a total of six pockets, out of which two are waterproof, two are Velcro close and two are swab pockets, you will find a pocket for everything you are going to carry during your paintball activities.

  • Waterproof pockets
  • Stretching material for maximum performance
  • Affordable
  • You can also use a belt
  • More weight than normal

Bottom Line:

You should opt for these wonderful paints if you are looking for a nice and tough pair of pants. It is specially designed with a separated inner layer of mesh fabric which give you the ability to move freely without causing any kind of pushing against your skin and becoming irritating to wear.

5 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Paintball Gear


Price is a very important thing to consider before you go and search for different paintball equipment. Many people may not consider price a great factor. But actually, it plays a vital role in saving your time and choosing the right one for yourself.

People spend a lot of time in areas where there are only gears that are above their price range. It is better to first know about your budget. Once you know about your budget, it becomes very easy for you to decide among different gear thus save you a lot of time and efforts.


You should always pick a gear that gives high comfort when you use it. Otherwise, it may ruin all of your fun. You won’t be able to live your moments properly. The gear you are going to select has to be comfortable enough in every condition. It should not be limited to a specific area.

It should be able to remain in pace with the adjustments you might make on the field and doesn’t apply too much pressure on your body. The longer you are in the game, the longer you have to wear the gear. And if you don’t choose a comfortable one, it becomes very difficult to stay in the field for a long time. Pay close attention to this factor before you go for your first pick.


It is another important factor to consider. You should select a gear that withstands every sort of weather condition no matter what the situation is. It has to be sturdy enough to bear the wear and tear of rough situations. Many people choose gear by just getting fascinated by the colors or looks. You should pay close attention to the details of every paintball gear before you announce your final verdict.

4. Where Are You Playing?

It is important to know about the site where you are supposed to be playing your game. Each area has its own advantages and disadvantages. You have to keep these things in mind before buying. Make sure that you buy your paintball gear that fits the surrounding and gives your maximum convenience and performance.

Know about your location, if you are playing in an area which has a high temperature, then it would be better to buy something that doesn’t easily catch the heat and keeps you cool. On the other hand, if you are playing in low-temperature areas, you should choose things that keep you warm in extreme weather conditions as well.

5. Are You OK With Used Gear?

If you are low on budget and can’t afford a brand new gear. It would be better to buy used equipment. They are not only cheaper in price but also perfect for people who are thinking to take a start. Once you master the art of paintball, you can jump to higher or newer equipment. Make sure that the used material is durable enough for use and comes in good condition. If it is in good conditions and meets your requirements, go for it.


While finding a perfect gear for your outdoor paintball experience is very difficult, it becomes very easy when someone directs you about each of everything related to gear paintball in detail. Always try to discuss your paintball choices with the people around you to have a better understanding of the equipment used in paintball games.

All of the products are listed after thorough research and experience. I have tried my best to guide you in the best possible way. Read all the products carefully and then choose gear according to your own choice. I hope this article helps you solve your problem and you find a perfect product at the end.

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